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!!! Litter G celebrates 6 birthday !!!

Gíza, Glorie,Gilbert, Gotica, Gérard, Gucci, Galactica, Galaxy Silva Tarok se born 19.12.2009 from 6 years ago!!!
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!!! Litter U celebrates 1 birthday !!!

We celebrate !!! UGO WILLIAM & UNITY, UNABELLA Silva Tarok born 16.12.2014 1 year ago !!!
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Puppies litter "X" have one week!

New common photos and video of our babies.
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!!! Litter N celebrates 3 birthday !!!

We celebrate !!! Nero, Nio, Nabua, Navarro, Nagano, Nidita, Nostradamus Silva Tarok were born 12.12.2012 3 years ago !!!
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With great pleasure to announce that Roy von Björndal & Gladis Tuliho of Justice became the proud parents 10 puppies
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International show Nitra-SK (29.11.2015)

This show zúčastli 3 of our pupil, our oldest Dracula Silva Tarok classroom veteran who is in fantastic condition and the age of 8, which we are extremely proud !!! Middle Ugo young son William with his owners and the youngest dogouš our pack Wamp Silva Tarok, who had a premiere.
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International show Nitra-SK (28.11.2015)

This exhibition was attended jedniný representative of our kennel, our young son Ugo William Silva Tarok with his owners.
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! We are expecting puppies!

With great pleasure to announce that our Gladis pregnancy is confirmed !!! In early December, we expect puppies from foreign links! Father of puppies is wonderful, quality speckled dog Roy von Bjørndal, his pedigree are the ancestors, who lived to 13 years!
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International show Praha CZ (01.11.2015)

This exhibition was attended by veteran class our offspring Desiré Silva Tarok with his owners. The doll had great success winning the Best Veteran BOV-breed owners congratulations and thank you very much for the love and care they give Dizince. Little daughter Dizince wish you good health and many more happy years.
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International show Bratislava-SK (25.10.2015)

Also on the second day Ugo William with his owners he attended the show and this time he is carrying home the first reversion to champion Junior :-) UGO Go go go go !!!
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