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!!! Litter J celebrates 2 birthdays !!!

We are celebrating!! Jeanpierre, Joffre, Jacqueline, Jovani, JeanValjean, Juliette born 11.09.2011 2 years ago!!
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National show Brno-CZ (08.09.2013)

This exhibition is the only representative of our kennel participated in Nabua Silva Tarok. It was her first exhibition in life.
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!!! WE HAVE PUPPIES !!! (29.08.2013)

With great pleasure we announce that Gilbert Silva Tarok & Besta Excellence Slovakia are the parents of 9 beautiful puppies
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Litter B celebrating his 7 birthday !!!

We are celebrating!! Basttien, Brillante, Baroness, Bandora, bizzare, blizzard, Benedict, Bastian, Baracuda, Bisan born August 28, 2006 7 years ago!!
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Litter CH celebrates 3 birthday!!

We are celebrating!! Changoleon, Chevalier, Chandor, Cher, Chavér, Chanel, Chypre, Hermon, Charlotte Challenger, Chantal Silva Tarok August 21, 2010 3 years ago!!
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44.Club show Zraslav u Brna-CZ (17.08.2013)

This club show was attended by 179 Danes and among them one of our kennel kennel Nio Silva Tarok for which it was the second exhibition in life. There were also two children of our puppies.
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2x International show Velká Ida -SK (06.-07.07.2013)

These two exhibitions he participated as the only pupil CHAVIER Silva Tarok, which was a great success! Also successfully participated in our Dynastie Silva Tarok daughter Daira z Tulihe dvora.
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International show Brno-CZ (30.06. 2013)

This exhibition was attended by our Mephisto and Kaonstancie Silva Tarok for which it was the first exhibition in life. He also participated in our kennel Nio Silva Tarok with their owners, for whom this was the premiere of the exhibition, which was mastered by 1 *
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Special show Great Danes Oslany-SK (11.05.2013)

This exhibition is part two of our pupil Gilbert and CHAVIERE Silva Tarok. Also attended the descendants of our puppies Daire Tulihe daughter Dvora our offspring Dynasty Silva Tarok and Aphrodite la Chardes daughter of our offspring Destina Silva Tarok
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