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Central Asian Shepherd Dog and Silva Tarok

In the year 2000 we all moved from our small town dwelling to Čechy pod Kosířem, a place which we have always dreamt of. We have registered our breeding station there. We named it after the Count Silva Tarok who lived in a local castle and built a beautiful manor garden and also a mill with a spacious garden, for which we needed a good guard dog.

When we were deciding about what breed it should be, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog won unambiguously. It captivated us with its incomparable character. It is a shaggy teddy bear that is not scared of anyone or anything, and above all it is extremely loyal to its master and to the whole family. It would lay down its life to save it.

Our first Central Asian Shepherd is called Ajša and we had acquired it in the same year from the Pirosao breeding station. Ajša guards day and night, simply 24 hours a day and that is why it captivated us right away. In the year 2003 we acquired Čing, a friend for Ajša, from the Barojo breeding station. You know that the going is better with two.



Breeding Station

Silva Tarok

  Samota 133, Čechy pod Kosířem, PSČ: 79858 CZECH REPUBLIC 
telephone: +420 582 374 684, telephone: +420 724 328 617, E-mail: silva.tarok@ajsha.cz


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